Making America Great (Again).


I have been silent in the issue of the U.S removing immigrant children from their families.* I have been silent because I really do not know what to say.

For what’s to be said?

Of course I want to yell, scream, blast out:  THIS IS WRONG! THIS IS ABHORRENT! THIS IS LUNACY! But then I don't because well, it - the wrongness of removing children from families - it just seems obvious, doesn't it?

Taking kids from parent(s)** - even IF those parents entered a country illegally - seems like it fits quite nicely into the "do not do this", "this is a bad idea" and "this will be frowned upon" sort of category, no?

Not to be simple-minded but why are we even facing this?

What brings such things about?

Oh yes. The orange guy. The one with the flappy hair. The one who previously stated that he "grabbed pussy" and freely used the word “cunt” to describe women whom he did not like. Oh but the people elected him anyway. Oh silly you. Yes, that’s the guy. Funny that he actually is showing himself to be the deranged and entitled T.V prince that he appeared to be throughout his campaign, eh?

Ha ha! This is all so funny - to think that he ran on a "family values" platform! Ha. Him. bringing in the Christian right (white) vote on words, threats of late term abortion if he were not elected, of those poor children being scraped away from their mother’s (womb) you hear their cries? Oh do you hear their cries?

And don’t forget that his then opponent, Hillary Clinton was evil and even dangerous to such family values because well, if elected, she “would uphold abortion rights”.

Oh dear, oh dear. We are in quite a pickle now, aren’t we?

Because guess who is treating the already born and yes, alive (oh but brown) kids poorly now? The ones - those minors - whose parents are risking everything to make it to this “land of the free”? Oh silly us. What? You heard them screaming? The kids? When they were separated, ripped away from their parents? Grandparents? No - no no no. You must be imagining that. Oh you did hear it? For real? Well, yes, okay it’s all very sad to watch kids be pulled away from loved ones and sent to the Child Internment Camps, but  don’t worry: “they have TV's” there, you know. They have TVs there.***

I mean, who needs a primary caregiver- a mom, dad, sibling, grandparent, if TV is available?

(Having a TV worked great for me when I was sick in the hospital for long periods as a kid. Why, I'd watch my daily dose of Scooby Doo in the morning and be set to go for the day. Didn't even care if my parents came at visiting hours or not).

Oh my GOOD GOD. This is all so wrong.

And if you believe the rhetoric and lean to the right and voted for him - fine. Weird, not entirely understandable, but fine. Alright. But answer me this: what moral compass must be so askew to think that this in anyway will "help make America great again"? What in God's name can be used as justification for such a heinous crime against humanity?

Because yes, I will call it that. I will call this a crime. And in this I am intentional.

There are people on the ground, armed with guns, doing the separating. Guarding the kids. And these - these workers - are "just following orders". Befehl ist Befehl, ja?****The Americans who work at a job separating immigrant families and then after a day’s work, return home to be reunited with their own kids. A few hugs all around. A game of hide-and-seek. Perhaps eat a supper of pork chops and scalloped potatoes. Beans on the side. Haven’t we heard this before?

Haven't we heard this before?

My God help us.

Oh, I am not old enough to have experienced the second world war and what was to become known as "The Holocaust".***** But I've had my education. And I've been to the affected cities and walked on their cobblestone streets.

And I have a parent - just a young lad then - whose coastal village was bombed and flooded by the allies, to prevent the Germans from getting a foothold. Over and over. Who grew up eating eels caught from ditches along canals. And his neighbours, tulip bulbs. Because, well, that's what there is to eat when a war is going on.

And I have another parent whose family - only recently revealed- who were a part of the Resistance, who did what they could to move those endangered along. To prevent some people, some families from being forcibly separated. And this side of my family, they too suffered. And upon occasion, they hid. In their house, in the ground, a secret compartment covered by the dining room rug. Because everyone suffers when division is afoot.

I have been there. We have been there. And I thought we’d decided not to do this again.

Yes, I have been quiet on this issue, as my mind cannot quite make sense of it. And I want to scream, I do. For I can see no reason to divide families - some of them even with mentally disabled children, my God help us - the most vulnerable of people. Or now, since yesterday's “appeasement”, to keep the incoming immigrant families together, but still incarcerated for an infinite amount of time. In case you think this change is an improvement, let me just state that again: for an infinite amount of time. 

Truly, this standard of “making America great again", whatever that means, comes at too great a price. And we  - all us humans, I fear - will have to pay. 


*families. US separating families: as of today (June 20), the U.S has changed the law and will no longer be removing the kids from families who enter illegally. Instead, U.S will now have the ability to hold these families in detention centres for an “indefinite length of time”.  I wish that I were making this stuff up. I’m not.

**parent(s), guardians, aunts, uncles, siblings, grandparents. Unless the adult can provide documentation to the contrary (that the child is under their care / a relative), the child and adult are separated. And while this makes sense - to curtail human trafficking, it also lacks understanding of the circumstances that people find themselves in prior to deciding to illegally enter any country. Because poverty and/or long term crisis often remove the ability to have “proper” documentation. But maybe the current U.S administration already knows this.

***”they have TVs” - Dept of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, press conference, June 19, 2018.

****befehl ist befehl = "an order is an order". A defense most commonly used by the accused during the 1945 - 1946 Nuremberg trials. Post-war Germany.

*****The Holocaust - a slight misnomer. Not to take away from the horrendous plight of the Jews leading up to and during WWII, but there have been numerous “holocausts” or “mass destruction of a people group” throughout past and current history. Again, may God help us.